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XSELL CEO Coughlin Featured on Into the Corner Office Podcast

XSELL CEO Coughlin Featured on Into the Corner Office Podcast

XSELL Technologies' Founder and CEO Matthew Coughlin was featured on the January 26, 2021 episode of Into the Corner Office podcast, where he and host Brandt Hadley from ROI, discussed Matt’s path to technology and how the actions, tactics, and strategies of top performers can be scaled to an entire enterprise. 

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“ROI is excited to welcome Matthew Coughlin, Founder and CEO of XSELL Technologies. Matt grew up in a large family and was inspired by his dad who owned a milk distribution business on the South Side of Chicago. Matt originally planned on med school, but a summer job led him to technology, although he says his science background serves him well. Listen in to hear the whole story, how XSELL is serving its customers during the pandemic, and how he discerns whether a new team member will be a good fit.”

Brandt Hadley, Host of Into the Corner Office

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