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You've never seen better business outcomes.

  • Dramatically increase sales
  • Transform agent performance
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Reduce agent turnover

Real-time coaching that adapts to any conversation

what XSELL does

Experience matters

XSELL Technologies has mapped ten years of experience into a real-time coaching solution that delivers exceptional results. It is bold, groundbreaking, and unapologetically innovative — transforming every agent’s interactions and every customer’s experience. Our unmatched expertise anticipates your agents’ most prevalent opportunities and your customers’ greatest needs, closing business gaps and creating customer delight.

    • Real-time coaching
    • No- to low-latency performance
    • Real-time compliance adherence
    • Perfect, targeted guidance in moments of need
    • Intelligent data capture
    • Built-in objection handling
    • Continuous improvement of recommendations with AI
    • Comprehensive tracking/reporting
How it Works

Real-time coaching with a human touch

By fusing the best of machine learning and AI with human authenticity, we developed a best-of-both solution. We learn the knowledge, behaviors, and strategies of your top performing agents and deliver them at scale to every agent. Our conversation maps adapt and change as every agent navigates customer responses, guiding agents to the ideal outcome for every conversation. Identified by AI but verified by human eyes, these maps support agents as they build trust, create rapport, and deliver expertise, while also tailoring responses to each customer in real time. And suddenly? Every agent is performing like your best agent.

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Know-it all

Numbers don’t lie. XSELL’s reporting lets you know what’s working, who needs support, and what needs improvement. An easy-to-view dashboard lets managers, agents, and supervisors track performance with up-to-the-moment accuracy — including program, agent, and product-specific visibility.

    • Web-based with no software download required
    • Multi-dimension tables, graphs, and predictive modeling
    • Export data in CSV, PDF, Excel, images, and other formats
    • Integrates with other reporting tools
    • Machine learning models train data and regression analysis using R and Python

Get set up for success without losing a thing

We get it. Any change to technology causes ripple effects — except this one. Our solution layers into your system by working seamlessly with anything that is currently in place. In just 90 days, you will see the results for yourself.

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"XSELL is responsive to needs and takes great effort to understand the business and align result measures to metrics that matter to us."
Vice President,
Fortune 75 Life Insurance Company

Our customers’ results tell a compelling story

20 %
Lift in conversion rates
5- 15 %
Reduction in average handle time
21 %
Increase in NPS
10- 20 %
Reduction in transfers

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Setting new records for Fortune 50 companies

Clear away the smoke and mirrors — our product works. Our real-time coaching solution is enterprise ready and delivers dynamic results for the Fortune 50. It is built upon expertise derived from hundreds of thousands of agent interactions from the world’s most powerful brands and continually improves using our advanced data science methodologies.

Improve contact center performance

When costs go down and conversions increase, profitability soars. Find out how the XSELL solution accomplishes both by reducing attrition, shortening training time, and dramatically improving agent performance at scale.

Guide agents to exponential results

An agent’s responses make or break every customer interaction. With real-time coaching at the exact moment of opportunity, your agents’ performance can achieve uncommon results, like a 28% lift on upgrades. Find out how XSELL makes every agent your best agent.

Exceed Wall Street's expectations

Companies are achieving benchmark-breaking results using XSELL Technologies’ unrivaled combination of real-time coaching, human empathy, and objection handling. We’re built for big companies and well-known brands whose customer interactions involve complex buying decisions that require a high level of customer guidance and expertise.

Ace every customer experience

Current customers are always more profitable than new ones. The key to winning ongoing sales is developing loyalty — and that begins with creating great interactions, delivering surprise and delight for every customer, every single time. XSELL resolves customer needs more efficiently, creating a 21% boost in Net Promoter Scores.