XSELL Technologies

Imagine if every online customer dealt with your very best sales ambassador… 

XSELL Technologies is the provider of Artificial Intelligence-enhanced customer engagement that drives results across the retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and financial industries. Our agent-assisted technology equips your team with the best responses, service, and personalization in real-time, every time. The future of ecommerce is here; are you ready to join us?

Our Approach

Maximize Conversion Rates

Understand your customers’ needs better than they do. Our machine learning platform identifies the responses that influence customer purchase decisions and gives your agents just the right responses in real time.

Drive Lifetime Value

Develop real connections with your online customers. We enable you to offer personalized, truly helpful responses that build brand loyalty and ultimately life-time value.

Learn From Data Science

Unlock insights from your customer data to make smarter decisions. We use artificial intelligence to analyze, extrapolate, and predict future outcomes–from new product introductions to improving marketing communication.

XSELL Experience Platform

XSELL offers an array of products that increase engagement, maximize efficiency, and create a streamlined, optimal customer experience. Our tools are implemented before, during, and after digital engagements to establish a successful customer interaction each and every time. Each strategy is a vital component of the framework that has allowed us to continuously reach new heights.


our flagship product

  • Leverage the skills and capabilities of your very best sales ambassador.
  • Machine Learning and algorithms provide agents with the best possible conversational responses in real-time.
  • Optimize every interaction, every time.

Drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Our Personalization Engine empowers your customers to interact with a certified specialist based on what they’re looking for. 

Case Study – Bluemercury


Bluemercury is a division of Macy’s Inc. focused on skincare, makeup and spa services. Acquired by Macy’s for $210M in 2015.

Bluemercury came to XSELL looking for a way to increase e-commerce sales and develop their online presence to remain a major player in an increasingly-competitive market.

Game-changing platform, maximum conversions.

When the partnership began, XSELL implemented:

  • Full, omni-channel capability that includes chat, phone, email, social media, and spa appointments.
  • Personalization Engines to provide experts in skincare, makeup, seasonal products, etc and to personalize each interaction
  • Full-service customer care via chat and phone.

XSELL’s engagement platform yielded:


Of online sales are from XSELL's proactive (AI-driven) engagements


Net promoter score (was 48% previous to XSELL)


Increase in online conversion rate (from 2-30% )


Lift in average order value

“When you go to our homepage, you actually see people with real names that you can click on and chat…Even some of our toughest critics have gone on our website and shopped and talked to our experts online, and you can call and ask them thousands of questions and they know everything about all the beauty products, skincare products, makeup products…they’re even equipped to talk about little tips and tricks that we teach in store and this has really set apart our website. We have seen incredible, exponential growth online.”

Barry Beck

Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Bluemercury

Our Clients

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