XSELL Technologies

XSELL Technologies was founded on the belief that the behavior of the very best sales agents could be learned, replicated and amplified to every agent in real time to transform the way that businesses interact with their customers. 


The power law in performance describes how 80% of a company’s results are produced by 20% of their workforce. Bringing our core belief to life required us to identify all of the behaviors of  these top performers that enabled them to produce disproportionate results. These small groups of highly impactful employees often have specialized industry skill sets that translate into big results. 

And then deliver that top performer skillset with precision at scale, to the rest of the enterprise, driving game-changing outcomes by upskilling 80% of the workforce.

To do this, we leverage artificial intelligence as a foundational capability to listen, learn and support agents in real time with the exact information they need to exceed customers expectations and deliver top performer experiences.

Emerging Technology, Proven Results

 For multiple Fortune 50 clients, XSELL’S technology is delivering results at scale. Today this is transformative. Tomorrow it will be mainstream.

Accelerated Growth

Customers see near immediate increased sales results on implementation. We are an enterprise ready solution.

Peak Performance at Scale

The behavior of the top performing agents at scale doesn’t just increase sales. It creates speed to proficiency, higher productivity and employee engagement. This is a talent strategy inherent.

Customer Loyalty, Lifetime Value

Exceptional interactions with top performing agents lead to fierce customer and brand loyalty. As the behavior of the top performers is scaled across an entire enterprise, every customer interaction creates repeat business. 

Customer Case Study

Bluemercury is a division of Macy’s Inc. focused on skincare, makeup and spa services. 

Bluemercury came to XSELL looking for a way to increase e-commerce sales and develop their online presence to remain a major player in an increasingly competitive market.

Transformative platform.
Maximum conversion.

XSELL implemented:

  • Full, omni-channel capability that included chat, phone, email, social media, and spa appointments
  • Personalization Engines to provide human expertise in skincare, makeup and other products 
  • Full-service customer care via chat and phone to personalize each interaction

XSELL’s engagement platform yielded:


Of online sales are from XSELL's proactive (AI-driven) engagements


Net promoter score (was 48% previous to XSELL)


Increase in online conversion rate (from 2-30% )


Lift in average order value

“When you go to our homepage, you actually see people with real names that you can click on and chat…Even some of our toughest critics have gone on our website and shopped and talked to our experts online, and you can call and ask them thousands of questions and they know everything about all the beauty products, skincare products, makeup products…they’re even equipped to talk about little tips and tricks that we teach in store and this has really set apart our website. We have seen incredible, exponential growth online.”

Barry Beck

Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Bluemercury