XSELL – AI Platform for Customer Engagement

Our agent-assisted cobot equips your team with the best responses, real-time, every time.

Maximize Conversion Rates.

Understand your customers’ needs better than they do. Our machine learning platform identifies the responses that influence customer purchase decisions and gives your agents just the right responses in real time.

Drive Lifetime Value.

Develop real connections with your online customers. We enable you to offer personalized, truly helpful responses that build brand loyalty, and ultimately life-time value.

Learn from Data Science.

Unlock insights from your customer data to make smarter decisions. We use artificial intelligence to analyze, extrapolate, and predict future outcomes—from new product introductions to improving marketing communication.

Artificial intelligence-enhanced online customer engagement that drives results across industries.

XSELL's Assisted-Cobot Results in 30% Conversion Rate for Online Retailer
Healthcare Provider Converts 30% of Digital Engagement to Appointments
Large Telecommunications Client Achieves 17% Conversion Lift

XSELL Technologies Partners with SYKES

Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX) Partnership
In 2017 XSELL Technologies established a strategic partnership with SYKES Enterprises, one of the industries most well established and respected business process outsourcing firms. SYKES's Intelligent Customer Experience(ICX) was a natural fit for XSELL's HiPer AI technology. In addition, the partnership creates next generation capability for data labeling and machine learning that will allow clients to more quickly capture actionable data insights and results.


Mayor Emanuel Recognizes XSELL’s Growth

On March 28th 2019, XSELL was honored to host Mayor Rahm Emanuel for a press conference where he commended XSELL’s presence in the growing landscape of tech companies in Chicago. XSELL reaffirmed its commitment to Chicago, as CEO Matt Coughlin announced our plan to hire more than 500 team members in our Chicago office over the next three years.