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You've never seen better business outcomes.

  • Dramatically increase sales
  • Transform agent performance
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Reduce agent turnover

Make more money

There are two ways to improve your company’s bottom line: increase sales or lower costs.

With real-time agent coaching from XSELL, you can achieve both. Our solution capitalizes on every interaction to lift conversions, create add-on sales, and accelerate interactions, delivering results that matter.

Using proven, patented strategies, XSELL creates delighted customers, energizes agents, informs contact center managers, and impresses C-suite executives.

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Put a spotlight on performance

Clear and easy-to-read dashboard reporting helps contact center managers control costs by highlighting metrics that matter across sales and service, including agent performance, utilization, progress toward objectives, and other KPIs and business-critical details.

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Make every agent your best agent

Customer data shows that XSELL agent coaching reduces an agent’s speed to proficiency by ~45-50%. New agents are trained in half the time of industry averages, resulting in a faster ramp to results and a massive reduction in overall training time and costs.

LOWER ATTRITION, Lower Hiring Costs

Successful agents stick around

Among a contact center’s biggest costs? People. Specifically, hiring, onboarding, and training your agents, in addition to waiting for new team members to become proficient in their roles.

XSELL lowers these costs by cutting training to about an hour and reducing attrition by 30%. Higher agent engagement equals lower attrition and lower recruiting costs.


Connect with more customers every shift

Speed wins — especially in contact centers. Our conversational intelligence, causal strategies, and human authenticity make customer interactions faster, lowering average handle time by 5-15%.


Loyalty builds profitability

A happy customer is a returning customer. Building customer loyalty begins with creating a positive experience that’s reflected in your Net Promoter Score. XSELL boosts NPS by 21%.


Money talks. Just ask our ROI calculator.

Escalating calls to experienced or specialized agents is very costly. Our solution reduces call transfers by 10-20% by supporting agents to handle challenges on their own.

20 %
Increase in conversions
21 %
Increase in NPS

We promise this won’t hurt a bit

Any customer contact that isn’t handled using XSELL’s solution is an opportunity missed. So we move swiftly, act thoughtfully, and implement with precision to achieve the goals of the world’s largest organizations.

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Always people, never bots

Created by people and delivered by people using your company’s choice of voice, chat, or digital technology.

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Works with your current tech stack

No rip and replace. Easy, layered-in installation requiring minimal real estate on an agent’s screen.

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90 days to success

Archived interactions are analyzed, causal strategies identified, and conversation maps deployed to agents.

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Make every agent your best agent

Close the delta between top- and bottom-performing agents on day one with almost no training.

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Continuous improvement

Artificial intelligence-powered analysis of customer engagements continually improves your library of conversation maps.

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Everybody wins

Business goals beaten, contact center costs lowered, agent success increased, and customer experience boosted.

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