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Global Telco Giant Improves Contact Center Performance in 7 Key Areas

Global Telco Giant Improves Contact Center Performance in 7 Key Areas
6.5 %
Improvement in resolution rate
21 %
Reduction in average handle time
23 %
Reduction in transfers

Company Overview

One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, with more than 200M customers and a top provider of mobile telephone services in the United States. The Fortune 50 organization is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is part of the Standard & Poor’s 100 Component.


A telecommunications company was searching for a solution that would improve agent performance while maintaining their position in a highly competitive marketplace. The primary mission was clear: increase close rates on service contacts to grow revenue. At the same time, the new solution had to improve the customer service experience. Progress would be measured through a variety of metrics, including conversion rate, resolution rate, average handle time (AHT), transfers, repeats, and customer satisfaction.

Using XSELL, they learned that no two agents require the same support — but that all agents like working with a safety net. That’s the genius of XSELL’s real-time coaching: it meets agents where they are, on their terms, delivering statistically proven strategies used by the best-performing agents, exactly when it matters. When agents use proven, real-time coaching in their moments of opportunity, their performance soars.


Escalating calls to experienced or specialized agents is very costly. To support future growth and take pressure off of tight margins, this telecom company needed effective and efficient processes that guided agents. They needed an intelligence platform that would upgrade their existing toolset, delivering a better customer and agent experience.

Prior to XSELL:

  • Centers experienced high levels of inconsistency in agent performance, with the top 20% delivering the majority of positive outcomes
  • Agent ramp time was as high as 180 days — which negatively impacted team success, as new agent performance lagged that of their more tenured peers
  • Cultural nuances in offshore contact centers impacted conversation success, becoming an obstacle to the delivery of a consistent customer experience

The telecommunications company wanted to explore if utilizing the XSELL real-time coaching solution in its service queues could:

  • Assist agents with cross-sell/upsell
  • Help teams increase their pitch rates, using real-time coaching to target what, when, and how to make offers
  • Improve outcomes like first contact resolution, repeats, transfers, customer satisfaction, and average handle time
  • Increase compliance with legal and regulatory mandates
  • Reduce coaching observation time


XSELL deployed its solution to support agents in real-time. XSELL leverages artificial intelligence to analyze each agent’s conversation as it happens, harvesting behaviors and suggesting proven strategies used by the company’s top-performing agents appropriate for each moment of opportunity.

The XSELL solution continues improving with each interaction using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and human authenticity. Each interaction, each customer comment makes it better.

The telco initially deployed XSELL to 500 agents, with plans for rapid expansion. Thanks to its straightforward integration capabilities, the XSELL solution was easily plugged into the customer’s legacy chat and voice technology platforms. The XSELL Client Success team then provided hands-on training to build rapid utilization for every agent. All projected outcomes have been achieved and success continues.

Additional XSELL highlights included:

  • Rapid adoption across voice and chat agents
  • 4% reduction in repeat calls
  • 3% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • 35% reduction in agent attrition

The xfactor Factor

XSELL provides THE market-proven chat and voice solution that makes every agent better.

Top agents don’t want to be on a leash. Low-performing agents need all the support they can get. XSELL Technologies, the leader in conversational AI for contact center agent optimization, serves both groups — and every agent in between. XSELL’s adaptive contact center solution guides agents in every moment of every interaction, no matter the path the conversation takes. This advantage empowers every agent to perform like your best agent with faster handle times, fewer transferred calls, and increased conversions – all while building rapport and trust.

Whether your contact centers are in New York, New Delhi, or New Braunfels, Texas, count on XSELL to support your agents. XSELL has successfully onboarded – and continues to support – hundreds of thousands of English-speaking agents around the world.

XSELL provides the only real-time coaching solution that is enterprise-ready and one hundred percent compliant to the core. Trusted by the Fortune 50, you can count on uncapped scalability that handles customer interactions with no-to-low-latency, all in real-time.

XSELL Technologies – Know Us By Our Results

Thanks to its straightforward integration capabilities, the XSELL real-time coaching solution was easily plugged into the customer’s legacy chat and voice technology platforms. The XSELL Client Success team then provided hands-on training to build a path to rapid utilization for 22,000 agents.

Deploying cutting edge technology in a Fortune 50 company can be stressful, to say the least. Expectations are always high, and potential calamity always looms on the horizon. I found XSELL to be an amazing partner that always delivered exactly what they promised. Ultimately, that partnership, and their results, earned them a place in our ecosystem.

Senior Manager
Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

I can't function without XSELL. XSELL lets me sleep at night, knowing I’m on track with my QA statements, hitting 100% of the actions in my conversations, and I know I won't have any surprises in my next QA review.

Call Center Agent
Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

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