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Built In Chicago: Women in Tech on Men as Workplace Allies

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Built In Chicago: Women in Tech on Men as Workplace Allies

XSELL’s Alina Shehzad joined Built In Chicago for a timely discussion on the need for, and ways to achieve, allyship in the workplace.

XSELL Technologies‘ Product Designer Alina Shehzad and eight other Chicago-based women in technology joined Built In Chicago's Olivia McClure to discuss how people can become better — and more effective — allies in the workplace.

Shehzad, a leader in XSELL's LadyGang Employee Resource Group, was thoughtful in her commentary, noting three core themes in gender advocacy at work:

  • Hire more women
  • Create space for all women
  • Advocate for women

She went on to clarify that workplace allyship is not exclusive to the office:

“It’s about creating a space for women where they feel comfortable enough to speak up and offer their thoughts and opinions. It’s about amplifying the voices of women. It’s understanding that allyship transcends the workplace into social gatherings, like happy hours and virtual meetups. And most importantly, it’s about educating yourself and your organization and recognizing where improvements can be made... and constantly making them. Creating an inclusive and diverse workplace doesn’t just happen by watching it come together from the sidelines. Everyone has a part to play in making it happen.”

Alina Shehzad, XSELL Technologies

Read the full piece online via Built In Chicago or visit XSELL's People page to learn more about Life at XSELL.

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