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  • Dramatically increase sales
  • Transform agent performance
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Reduce agent turnover

XSELL Improves Contact Center Performance, Lowers Agent Attrition

XSELL Improves Contact Center Performance, Lowers Agent Attrition
43 %
Increase in new agent sales performance
40 %
Decrease in agent attrition
33 %
Increase in tenured agent sales performance


Contact centers are among the most significant expenses for this supply chain and logistics company. Contact centers are also among their greatest growth opportunities. With an eye toward improving their bottom line profitability, the company turned their attention to improving contact center performance across multiple key areas, knowing that the task wouldn’t be easy.

Agent turnover was high. There was little time for training existing, tenured contact center staff members. And the opportunities showed in the data – both customer experience and agent experience scores were trending in the wrong downward.

Working with XSELL, the company quickly understood that they needed to empower and energize their agents with a flexible and supportive tool to help them be one step ahead in every unique conversational path. XSELL proved to be a solution contact center agents prefer – and that the bottom line loves.


The company asked itself three tough – and necessary – questions:

  • Can new hire agent performance match seasoned agents – improving speed to proficiency?
  • Can we make tenured agents better?
  • Can we lower attrition?

Answering yes to even one question would positively impact this supply chain and global logistics company’s profits. Achieving two out of three? A massive success. Getting all three to happen was beyond practical expectations. Lowering attrition would be especially challenging. “The great resignation” was in full effect, with annual attrition rates of 80-85% reported across their three outsourced contact center partners. With that said? In business, you fail by setting the bar low.


XSELL was asked to implement a solution supporting agents selling business-to-business services to new and existing small business customers. The primary goal was to answer the three core questions about improving new and tenured agent performance, while lowering attrition. If possible, they also wanted XSELL’s solution to capture a larger share of wallet by positioning the company as a preferred partner over industry competitors.

Using our patented combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence algorithms, and human authenticity, XSELL detected and captured the most effective actions, tactics, and strategies used by the company’s top-performing agents. XSELL mapped these proven and successful behaviors, creating scalable roadmaps that would support new and tenured agents in real-time.

The XSELL real-time coaching solution successfully addressed all three questions, speaking volumes about its effectiveness:

  • New hire agents’ sales increased by 43% vs. prior new hire classes
  • Attrition decreased by 40%, post-XSELL deployment
  • Tenured agents’ sales improved by 33% compared to their historical performance

The xfactor Factor

XSELL has been doing this longer than anyone else, and we know what works.

XSELL’s product, first to market with proven chat, voice, and digital solutions, achieves exponential results for the world’s most powerful brands, supporting contact center agents to deliver like never before. And when it comes to workforce attrition, the lesson is clear: Successful and happy agents stick around.

New agents are trained in half the time of industry averages, resulting in a faster ramp to results and a massive reduction in both training time and costs. Agents can succeed with the XSELL real-time coaching solution in about an hour. It is intuitive, simple, and designed with agent input to function just the way they like it.

The sooner your agents hit their marks, the better your company’s bottom line looks. XSELL reduces an agent’s speed to proficiency by 45-50%, improving agent engagement from day one, delivering satisfying customer interactions, and improving the company’s NPS score.

XSELL Technologies – Know Us By Our Results.

The XSELL real-time coaching solution successfully addressed all three questions – and spoke volumes about its effectiveness.

  • New hire agents’ sales increased by 43% vs. prior new hire classes
  • Attrition decreased by 40% post-XSELL deployment
  • Tenured agents’ sales improved by 33%, as compared to their historical performance

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