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Leveraging AI to Humanize the Healthcare Experience

Mike Brennan
Leveraging AI to Humanize the Healthcare Experience

Using Technology AND Compassion to Improve the Healthcare Experience — for Patients, Agents, and the Bottom Line

The current healthcare industry can be a challenging one with new health concerns popping up every day — an aging population, clinician shortages, cost-of-living increases, increased call volume demands, and ever-changing patient needs. Equity in healthcare also remains an issue — ensuring we ALL get access to high-quality care according to our own specific needs.

These concerns put pressure on healthcare providers, as well as call center agents working within the healthcare industry. Everyone needs to be up-to-speed and knowledgeable, faster than ever. When agents aren’t as ready as they need to be, it can lead to impersonal and ineffective interactions, and an inability to take advantage of sales and service opportunities. Often, workers and agents are new, undertrained, and ill-equipped to provide the best customer service across interactions, failing to make every human interaction effective.

To keep pace, healthcare industry providers need to be able to offer increasingly diverse services to meet consumer needs, capitalizing on new market opportunities and ensuring that employees and agents are knowledgeable, capable, and proficient as quickly as possible. Innovation, technology, and artificial intelligence-powered solutions can help, but that is only one side of the coin. Healthcare organizations should consider the patient’s perspective in order to transform access, experience, and outcomes with more compassion.

At XSELL Technologies, we support healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and their call centers, in tackling these pressing needs and concerns, while also assisting in infusing the healthcare experience with additional compassion. We believe in helping organizations:

  • Improve interactions with customers, personalizing care delivery and services for a more human experience
  • Attract and retain top talent that empathizes with patients and who are engaging and knowledgeable, with improved speed-to-proficiency
  • Expand and grow beyond core revenue streams cross the care continuum, making the lives of patients better and healthier

Imagine if every customer that called into a healthcare or health insurance call center had engaged with your single best, most caring, most engaged, and well-trained representative?

XSELL’s solution learns from your top performing agents and immediately starts helping new agents get up to speed faster by uncovering what causes the preferred conversation outcomes. Our unique and specialized behavioral dialogue maps determine the factors influencing the most efficient path to resolution — and our coaching directs agents to the best response, so that each agent can achieve expert rapport and discovery with patients, handling objections, and positioning the best, most comprehensive solutions for patients.

All of this leads organizations to not only humanize and personalize the healthcare experience for customers and patients with sales and service agents that are confident, successful, and empowered, but also leads to increased revenue and improved efficiency across channels. And even better, XSELL’s solution impacts are interrelated, so they mutually bolster lots of other improvement areas. It is a win-win! There’s no more powerful punch than one that combines the power of innovative technology with kindness and compassion.

XSELL is supporting the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Century Ride in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, August 13. If you are in the area, we would love to discuss how companies are leveraging AI to humanize healthcare!

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Mike Brennan

Vice President, Customer Success ◦ Head of Healthcare

Mike Brennan manages the Customer Success team at XSELL and serves as the Head of Healthcare. He brings over 17 years of experience in the healthcare industry to his role and is highly skilled at identifying opportunities of improvement and executing process enhancements to deliver measurable improvement to the client's bottom line.

Mike began his career in healthcare with Accenture and has held executive positions within the consulting space at R1 RCM, Guidehouse, and Grant Thornton LLP. Prior to joining XSELL, Mike was the SVP of Revenue Cycle Operations at AccentCare, an Advent International portfolio company.

Mike was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and is an avid fan of all Chicago sports teams. He spent six (6) years competing in triathlons and marathons and now stays active via boxing and golf. He sits on the board of Austin's A-Team, an organization that operates to create awareness for the neuromuscular disorder PCH-6.

Connect with Mike on social media: LinkedIn