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Life Insurance Company Drives Accelerated Growth in 90 Days

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Life Insurance Company Drives Accelerated Growth in 90 Days
25 %
Increase in average order value
150 %
Year-Over-Year revenue growth
300 %
Conversion lift

Company Overview

An A+ rated life insurance company serving customers 50 years of age and older across the United States and known for their guaranteed acceptance policy with no medical exam required. Founded in the late 1960s, they are part of a network that insures more than 3 million customers.


The life insurer needed to improve their customer experience — and do it quickly. Agent performance had grown stagnant, with sales declines on the horizon. The client understood that higher sales begin with superior customer engagements and decided to take a proactive approach. As a national organization, they sought an agent coaching solution to boost customer experience and drive increased sales.

Partnering with XSELL gave both agents and customers a reason to smile and stick around. People want three things when connecting with your contact center: they want the interaction to be efficient, respectful, and successful. Achieve all three, and they’ll be loyal customers. The XSELL solution couples real-time coaching with human authenticity to create interactions people enjoy. It’s a difference seen each month in the bottom line.


The client’s original agent software was an off-the-shelf chat solution purchased with the intent of securing fast and accurate answers for their sales organization; however, it proved to be ineffective and hurt sales efforts, rather than improving them. The resulting experience was frustrating and was marked by:

  • Long wait times
  • Delayed agent responses
  • Inaccurate responses, resulting in irrelevant answers
  • Impersonal and scripted responses that failed to support high-quality customer engagements

In addition to needing a solution that could be quickly implemented, the life insurer needed a solution that would work with, and across, existing legacy systems, transforming their customer service chat into a source of strategic customer experience advantage.


Within 90 days, XSELL Technologies implemented its real-time AI-powered coaching platform, empowering the insurer’s agents across their contact centers. The solution was the culmination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and human authenticity working in concert to identify the most effective strategies from top-performing agents and then scaling them to every single agent in real time.

With the XSELL solution installed, agents were 100% supported across every moment of opportunity. Even better, the XSELL technology continues learning and improving with each interaction. In addition, it also integrates seamlessly into the client’s existing contact center technology stack, minimizing transition costs and end-user impact.

Throughout the implementation process, XSELL provided hands-on assistance with training, coaching, and monitoring. The XSELL team worked on-site, using agent focus groups to help identify opportunities for improvement that could be addressed quickly to ensure the maximum speed to proficiency for every agent.

The xfactor Factor

There are two ways to improve your company’s bottom line: increase sales or lower costs. With real-time agent coaching from XSELL, you can achieve both. The XSELL solution capitalizes on every interaction to lift conversions, create add-on sales, accelerate interactions and more. Using patented technology and identifying proven strategies, XSELL was able to help the insurer create delighted customers, energized agents, informed contact center managers, and impressed C-suite executives.

Delivering a highly customized and quickly scalable solution means XSELL can get your agents’ systems up and running with minimal intrusion and downtime.

The XSELL conversational maps build paths that are expressways moving through the perfect customer interaction. Every map includes bypasses and off-ramps that overcome objections, anticipate opportunities, and increase customer interaction value.

XSELL Technologies – Know Us By Our Results

With XSELL’s proven solution installed, agents are 100% supported in every moment of opportunity. Even better, the technology keeps learning and improving with each interaction. In addition, it also integrates seamlessly into the client’s existing contact center system, minimizing their transition costs.

XSELL’s simple integration with existing chat tools shortened the learning curve and fast-tracked speed to proficiency for every agent.

Head of Digital
A+ Rated Life Insurance Company

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate XSELL a 10. XSELL is responsive to needs and takes great effort to understand the business and align result measures to metrics that matter to us.

Head of Digital
A+ Rated Life Insurance Company

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