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Platform & Products

Digital CoBot

Through the use of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Algorithms, HiPer’s CoBot is able to provide chat agents with real time responses, current scenario-based customer paths, rapport capabilities, and data-driven sales strategies that are statistically proven to convert at a higher rate. With top performing strategies and dialogue plans available at the click of a button, agent coaching and on-boarding has never been easier.

Voice CoBot

The Voice CoBot empowers agents in their sales calls by providing optimized workflows, results-driven recommendations, and personalization guidance in real-time during sales calls. Our recommendation engine uses real-time voice transcription based on consumers’ expressed needs and preferences, as well as those the system can infer from similar consumers, or information provided by integrated systems like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce. The agent is guided toward a sales strategy that will satisfy the consumer, amplify their selling ability, and provide tremendous value to your company through increased conversions, more efficient transactions, and improved customer satisfaction.


SmartBot utilizes chatbot and RPA technology to recognize a customer’s intent, identify the appropriate solution, and execute it in the most efficient manner. It also enables the human workforce to handle more complex and high-value tasks as SmartBot automates tasks with third-party systems. SmartBot’s automated solution ensures a streamlined ramp to proficiency and a dramatically improved retention rate for agents, in addition to increased value captured at a lower cost in every interaction.

QA Bot

Using a combination of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, QA Bot is able to codify and calibrate with precision your specific criteria to enable your organization to measure the quality of all of your customer interactions. This opens a world of opportunity to measure the enterprises’ performance on every customer interaction any time, all the time. HiPer QA Bot provides simple-to-understand and actionable insights for your executives and key stakeholders to improve business results.


Our engagement tools personalize and optimize every interaction. By providing an array of subject-matter specialists displayed on the website, the Personalization Engine empowers the customer to choose the right agent to speak with. Our Product Recommendation Tool maximizes your product catalog in seconds, allowing the agent to efficiently provide your customer with the best-personalized recommendations.