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Platform & Products

Platform & Products

We offer an array of products that increase engagement, maximize efficiency, and create a streamlined, optimal customer experience. Our tools are implemented before, during, and after digital engagements to establish a successful customer interaction each and every time. Each strategy is a vital component of the framework that has allowed XSELL to continuously reach new heights.

AI and Machine Learning
Personalization Engine
Enterprise Learnings

The backbone of XSELL’s digital platform, our Machine Recommendations provide agents with a best possible response in real-time. Our human-supported AI allows for efficiency and an optimal customer experience while maintaining a genuine, human demeanor. With advanced reporting tools and our ability to harness data, we communicate results based on your KPIs and HiPer Usage.

Empower the customer to choose from your array of subject matter experts to curate the best experience. Our personalization engine enhances your website and increases efficiency by discovering the customer’s intents and goals at the very beginning. By providing a specialist for each of your areas of service, every website visitor will have a tailored experience.

Understand the voice of the customer, build rapport, gain trust and loyalty. Our voice of the customer (VOC) is an automated annotation of digital transcripts by topics and sub-topics. Analyses of conversations pinpoint robust customer intent insights and increase sales revenue through better product understanding.

Our Clients

A snapshot of some of the clients we work with, in addition to two Fortune 20 telecommunications companies.

Client Success Stories

XSELL Provides Game-Changing Platform, Maximum Conversions for BlueMercury

After implementing XSELL’s personalization engine and AI platform, we delivered a tailored solution resulting in a dramatic increase in online sales conversion while providing an outstanding customer experience.

About: Bluemercury is a division of Macy’s Inc. focused on skincare, makeup and spa services. Acquired by Macy’s for $210M in 2015.

Bluemercury came to XSELL looking for a way to increase ecommerce sales and develop their online presence. When the partnership began, we implemented full, omni-channel capability that includes: chat, phone, email, social media, and spa appointments to provide full-service customer support and care. 

Bluemercury experienced up to a 15% lift in average order value, increase in conversion rate from 2% to 30%, and an improved Net Promoter Score from 48% to 94% when consumers engage with a HiPer powered associate.