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XSELL is an artificial intelligence startup focused on delivering results. We make a cloud-based machine learning platform that equips sales agents with the best real-time responses. We use predictive analytics, natural language processing and neural-symbolic systems to create custom models for each company. The result is better customer experience and dramatically improved conversion rates.

Leadership Team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Matt Coughlin

Prior to starting XSELL Technologies, Matt worked with the world’s most successful brands including Disney, Apple, Carnival, AT&T, GE, Walgreens and many others helping them bring their customer experience to life. It was through this experience that Matt developed a passion for great customer engagement and an appreciation for the economic impact it can drive when done well.

With customers developing Digital First Instincts, Matt focused on the challenge of helping companies create differentiation and build Digital Rapport with their customers in this new frontier. Working with these great brands Matt observed a POWER LAW, regardless of the brand, industry or application top performers were not marginally better than their peers but rather a multiple better. It was this observation that lead Matt down the path of understanding the actions, tactics, and strategies of top performers which allowed them to produce disproportionate results.

Through these learnings came the North Star of XSELL which asks the following……”What if every online customer had dealt with your single most effective person? What would your brand look like?”

As a passionate entrepreneur Matt has built successful businesses and takes great joy in working with the smart and talented team at XSELL to create something special.

Matt attended Illinois State University where he studied Pre Med graduating with a B.S. before being swept up in the technology revolution. He is married to his college sweetheart Kerri and they have three kids Emma 19 (A Redbird at ISU), Charlie 16 (A doctor in the making), & Henry 14 (A possible comedian).

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Stoehr

It was while Mark was getting his Phd at the University of Chicago that he met Matt at a Starbucks. Although he had already accepted a position to join a large online retailer in Seattle to work on their in-home device, Mark knew Matt’s vision of every customer engaging with your very best ambassador was truly special. Mark lived many places around the world including China, Australia, Chile, and of course the US. No matter where his travels had taken him, Mark gained an appreciation for really great customer engagement. Mark focuses his team’s collective intellectual horsepower on the technology and science that allows our clients to delight their customers and of course their shareholders. Mark is probably debating a contentious point or programming as you read this.

SVP Strategic Partnerships

Jerry Phillips

Jerry was drawn to XSELL by our ability to change the way our customers and prospects think about delivering a better customer experience, which ultimately drives incremental revenue and a better customer experience that they would not have seen, without an innovative solution like XSELL. He has held various “VP of Strategic Partnerships” roles as well was WW Sales Person of the year for TouchCommerce in 2016. He credits listening to the customer, doing your home work to better understand their business/pain points and support after the sale, as his key to successful partnerships and continued business relationships. Jerry resides in Austin, TX with his wife and enjoys family, golfing & fishing.

Vice President

Luke Olsen

Prior to joining XSELL, Luke was Director, Revenue Cycle Sales and Strategy with Surgical Care Affiliates. The combination of great technology, intelligent, hard-working colleagues and an outstanding culture led Luke to join the XSELL Team. Luke earned his undergraduate degree from Miami University and has an M.B.A from the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. Luke is married with three kids and lives in the north suburbs of Chicago.

Vice President

Briana Kearney

Briana has spent her career driving value at the intersection of people and technology and brings this passion to her role overseeing strategic accounts. Prior to XSELL, Briana worked in various roles within healthcare, from revenue cycle management to enterprise-wide innovation to leadership positions in private equity portfolio companies. Briana received her MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where she concentrated on economics and entrepreneurship. She also graduated from Georgetown University where she majored in Anthropology and Government and played on the Division I Tennis Team. When not with her XSELL family, Briana is an avid reader, traveler, exerciser, coffee drinker, and consumer of pop culture.

Senior Director of Finance Operations

Mike Hubbarth

Michael joined XSELL following a career in the consulting industry, with a focus in healthcare. At Accretive Health, a leading provider of revenue cycle services, Michael worked within the FP&A group first as a senior analyst and later in project management in helping measure and communicate the incremental value driven by Accretive’s strategic initiatives to hospital executives. Before leaving Accretive, Michael was responsible for the implementation of measurement and the production of the first scorecards at Accretive’s newest hospital system client, one of the largest health care systems in the country at $20 billion in assets and over 170 hospitals and care facilities. In addition to leading implementation initiatives, Michael worked on Accretive’s largest client and the nation’s largest non-profit health system in the country, Ascension Health. Prior to Accretive, Michael held multiple roles at Arthur J. Gallagher’s healthcare practice, working with middle-market clients in strategically shaping their benefits and compensation programs to meet their company’s recruiting and retention strategies. He was also the lead on developing a non-profit healthcare purchasing cooperative for an association of 1,200 transportation employers.

Head of Engineering

John Sorrentino

For the past 5 years John has been a critical driving force behind XSELL’s HiPer Platform. John graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a degree in Industrial and Enterprise System Engineering. He is the head of the Engineering team here at XSELL and his favorite part about working here is the Espresso Machine.

Head of Data Labeling

Dan Wood

Dan has spent his entire career here at XSELL and has been there since Day 1. He and Matt shared the same vision of high performance sales agents and have built the company up together. Dan is in charge of all data labeling and is responsible for over 3,000 agents while simultaneously serving as the captain of the company softball team. He graduated from Wabash College where he majored in History and was a 4 year letterman in football. In his free time you will find Dan coaching youth baseball and football.

Solutions Engineer

Shawn Hilditch

Prior to joining XSELL Shawn enjoyed a very successful career at TouchCommerce where he helped to bring on board some of the most recognized brands in industry. Working with these industry leaders to create capability and deliver large successful programs is where Shawn is at his best. Shawn was also the Director of Customer Success at ServiceChannel where he created the Success Model to improve value to clients, reduce churn and increase production adoption. Shawn is excited by XSELL’s advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms, and how we use Labeled data to improve customer’s target KPIs. Shawn is originally from Ontario, Canada and is married to his high school sweetheart with two kids and a dog.

Software Engineer

Bryan Kao

Software Engineer

Rob Ruder

Data Scientist

Ishita Agarwal

Ontology Manager

Alex Perry

Data Scientist

Thomas Funk

Business Development Executive

Will Moeller


John Kazarian

Head of Retail Account Management

Farhan Shakeel

Finance Operations Manager

Robert Wiener

Data Scientist

Mohammed Alam

Operations Analyst

Alina Shehzad

Retail Analyst

Erin Nolan

Board of Directors & Advisors

Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson

Mary Tolan

Mary Tolan

Mary Tolan

Larry Leisure

Larry Leisure

Larry Leisure

Ed Grzelakowski

Ed Grzelakowski

Ed Grzelakowski

William Moeller

William Moeller

William Moeller

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